Article 1: Definitions

The terms and definitions used in this Framework Contract are as follows:

  1. Hukukçu is a website named . All intellectual property rights of the aforementioned website and phone application belong to the Yunus Çetinkaya Law Office located at Levent St. Nu:19 34330 Besiktas/Istanbul/Turkey.
  2. The Client is the person who receives legal services through the website of  and phone application.
  3. The Party and the Parties, Hukukçu and the Client are referred to as party seperately and parties together.
  4. Service means all kinds of legal services that the Client receives from Hukukçu.
  5. The Contract refers to this framework contract concluded between Hukukçu and the Client.
  6. Username and password are the Client's name and password that enables him to log into his actual account in Hukukçu.
  7. Account is the Client's personal page where he logs in to use Hukukçu.

Article 2: Subject of the Contract

The subject of this contract is to determine the general framework of the terms of any kind of legal service that the Client will receive from Hukukçu.

Article 3: Rights and Obligations of the Parties

The Client has the right to become a member of Hukukçu free of charge. The Client does not necessarily have to receive legal services from Hukukçu on the ground that he is a member of Hukukçu. The Client has the right to have only a free membership account without receiving any service from Hukukçu.

The Client undertakes that all the identity and contact info given by him, including his name, surname, e-mail, and telephone number belongs to him and that they are correct information.

Hukukçu provides legal consultancy and attorney services through the lawyers under the roof of Yunus Çetinkaya Law Office and his colleagues under the supervision of Yunus Çetinkaya Law Office.

Hukukçu accepts and undertakes that he will demonstrate the necessary professional care while performing the legal service he has given to the Client.

Hukukçu accepts and undertakes that he will keep the information of the Client with care and will not share it with third parties in any written or verbal form.

Hukukçu will not be liable for any damages that may arise due to incorrect or incomplete information the Client provides to Hukukçu. The Client agrees and undertakes to submit to Hukukçu all kinds of neccesary information and documents required by Hukukçu for the fulfillment of the legal service acquired from Hukukçu. If the legal service may not be performed properly and/or any damage occurs due to the Client's breach of this condition, Hukukçu will not be held liable for this situation.

The Client agrees and undertakes to pay in advance the price of the service requested from Hukukçu. Otherwise, Hukukçu has the right to withdraw from his service commitment. The Client has to pay the necessary fees and expenses for performing the Service. Otherwise, Hukukçu has the right to terminate the service contract.

Hukukçu is not obliged to serve against all the requests of the Client. Hukukçu shall inform the Client that he will not provide service against the Client's demand.

Article 4: The Working Procedure of Hukukçu

The Client will log into his account as a free member of Hukukçu.

The Client will be able to request legal advice and/or litigation from his account. Hukukçu will make an offer according to the Client's request. When the Client accepts the offer made by Hukukçu and pays the service fee, a service relationship will be established. Thus, Hukukçu will perform the said service. In case the service fee is not paid by the Client, the service relationship will be deemed not established.

In the event that the Client requests litigation service and the Parties agree on this matter and conclude a service contract, the service fee is only the attorney service fee, and the fees and expenses will be collected from the Client separately.

The Client may, if he wishes, pay a higher amount than the service fee stated in the offer of Hukukçu or without making any requirements. In this case, the balance fee will appear blocked in the Service Reciever’s account. The Client will be able to use this amount whenever he wishes. As an example, the Client can pay 10,000 TL to his account without requesting any legal service. The Client can use the aforementioned 10.000 TL at any time he wishes.

In the event the Client demands a refund of the amount in his account, it is not possible to demand interest. Refunds will be deposited into the Client's bank account up to the remaining balance within three business days. For example, if the Client has paid 10,000 TL and received service of 5,000 TL, he can request the return of the balance of 5,000 TL to his side. In this case, the balance of 5,000 TL will be deposited into the bank account of the Service Receiver without any interest.

Article 5: Term and Termination of the Contract

This Contract enters into force with the approval of the Client and will remain in effect unless terminated.

The parties have the right to terminate this Contract at any time. The rights and obligations of the parties will remain valid until the time of termination. In case of termination of the contract, the username and password of the Service Receiver will become invalid.

Article 6: Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property and trademark rights on the website named  and the phone application belong exclusively to Yunus Çetinkaya Law Office. The Client cannot copy, distribute and/or utilize the website and phone application contents and/or codes in any way other than the purpose of the contract.

Article 7: Confidentiality 

The parties irrevocably accepts and undertake to keep all kinds of information, working systems, strategies, researches, organizational structures, management systems, accounts, financial situations, commercial and/or professional secrets, activities, supervising, training, communication acquired or to be acquired from each other  by virtue of performance based on this contract and all kinds of information and documents obtained regarding third party relations, confidential in a way that does not directly or indirectly harm any of its subsidiaries or affiliates, not to disclose, give or use in any way to third parties verbal, written, visual media, not to tender, even not to make any direct and/or indirect attempt to violate these prohibitions. This obligation of the parties continues after the termination of this contract.

Article 8: Notification Address

The Client accepts that all contact information and addresses, including the e-mail account and phone number stated in the membership account, are valid. The Client accepts that the notices and notices made to these contact information and addresses are valid and legally served.

Article 9: Other Terms

Service Contracts signed between the parties are the annexes of this contract. In case of conflicting provisions of this Framework Contract and the relevant service contract to be concluded between the Parties, the term set out in the relevant service contract will be deemed valid.

The partial invalidation, unlawfulness and/or removal of some of the terms of the contract will not have any consequences in terms of other terms of the contract. The remaining parts of the contract will continue to keep its validity until the contract is terminated.

In the presence of force majeure, the fulfillment of the obligations of the Parties arising from the contract is postponed until the force majeure is eliminated.

Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes arising from this contract.

Hukukçu can contact the Client, including providing promotions, surveys, researches, and other user satisfaction practices and rendering information about them, through all contact information provided by the Client, including mobile phone number and e-mail address. The Client accepts that he gave permission to be contacted within this framework.