About Us

Who Are We

HUKUKÇU is first online litigation and consultancy service of Turkey. This system, which we serve with the website named www.hukukcu.co provides legal consultancy and attorney services via its expert legal staff.

HUKUKÇU users who receive legal services through the website can become a member free of charge and consult all types of legal issues. HUKUKÇU serves the legal needs of its users in an effective, fast, reliable manner and at reasonable costs.

HUKUKÇU provides service to its users the most efficient service based on its user- oriented and secure software, protects the privacy of its users and securely maintains the personal data of its users.

Our Vision

Real and legal persons may experience legal problems in many areas. These problems may occur in all areas of life, such as a criminal case and occasionally purchase and sale contract of a company. Access to legal services is highly important against these problems that could always be experienced in life.

We believe that access to legal services is a fundamental right just as a human right. As HUKUKÇU family, we provide legal services with this belief.